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Paul Eustice is a freelance writer and educational consultant based in Worthing. He has just completed a play based rather loosely on the stories of Johan Hebel.

Paul Eustice


Botany Bay


William Carlos Williams is a famous poet

and yesterday I had his plums in my mouth.


As he died in 1963,

this statement is open to misinterpretation.


I opened the fridge, or ‘icebox’, and I saw

The shine and bloom of a small bunch

Of cold red grapes in a white bowl.


Without thinking,

Without making a conscious moral choice,

I picked two out and rolled them on my tongue


Then, Keatsian to the core, I burst the grape

Against my palette and the juice spilled

And I was ... transported.


You thieving sod, said a voice behind me,

I was saving those for later.


Forgive me, I panted,

I was having a metatextual moment and,

Although small, they were delicious,

But extremely cold.


1963 was a long time ago,

so it was a draught of vintage,

in a way.


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