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I had planned to write the editorial this quarter on the life and passing of Michael Jackson - the greatest entertainer the world has ever known or will ever know, a fine songwriter whose every physical movement was mesmerising and dumbfounding poetry. But I thought better of it. I am a Michael Jackson fan, but I don't know if you are.



"...other people have written and become successful writers due to my encouragement. In terms of my poems I'd hope people might recognise a sense of authenticity which transcends time."

- Bob Beagrie in conversation with Nnorom Azuonye more>>




If you don't like your life, why not change it? In fact abandon it altogether - husband and all and head to another country. Laura Solomon writes about making a great leap of faith in The Faker>>


Nigeria's E.C. Osondu won the Caine Prize for African Writing 2009 with Waiting.

Nnorom Azuonye reviews the story.

E.C. Osondu's Waiting>>


Poetry Competition

(July 2009) Results:


First Prize: Coffee

Second Prize: Enemy Funeral

Third Prize: The God of Allotments.


Read Judges' Report>>


Clare Saponia


The Optimists


A long while before,

when they were silent

for the first time;


when disorder was precise

and regime obedient


to the point of pedantry,

dawn still crept in


at the end of a night,

like a spy. 

Like a hero.





Death gave him wings  / To soar above the cynical smiles of ingratitude / Let your eternal presence once again reinitiate / These arthritic craftsmen  / who run calloused palms / Atop the dusty furnaces of abandoned foundries




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The Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (October 2009)


First Prize:

Akinlabi Peter "Moving"

Second Prize:

Katie Metcalfe "Pumpkin Seeds"

Third Prize:

Mandy Pannett "Through Dust"

Judge's Report >


Did you take part in the July 2009 competition?

Read the Judges' Report here>>




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