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Matthew Coombe


List Makers


What if I were on your list?

The next slippery rung on your ladder

another silver bead on your chain.


I could be a black bottle of wine

lying on the stone cellar floor beneath your house

wearing a raincoat of dust

laid out like a legion of body bags in a cavernous warehouse .


Or perhaps I am your next bullet point.

You in the heavy boots, jeans and black T-shirt.

Those dark green eyes - watching from behind the shutters

of an elevated window - fixing me in the crosshairs.


But here…let me save you some time.

A well placed mine on the twelfth fairway

or a man-trap in the sand-trap by the ninth green

would seem a far simpler modus operandi.


And there is the roll call of all those who simply vanished

like the frost on a sunlit field.

Those who allowed the tide to take them

or left in the normality of the moment and never returned.


Leaving not even a chalk silhouette

in the hallway, face down

just a few feet from the door.






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Matthew Coombe is a primary school teacher. He lives in East Riding, Yorkshire.



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