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Ashley Capes


Wheels roll by like big olives  
and rotten lettuce 
is stuffed in drains, patches of frost 
move across bins slowly 
like the ballerina 
on swan lake, and all the sky can do 
is blink back tears 
the fog lifts itself in wisps 
as if from soup, and  
windows wobble 
like plates on a clown's pole, 
every wrapper  
caught in the wind 
makes do with a supporting role.  
















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Ashley Capes

co-founded Egg (Poetry) in 2002,

which sadly ceased publication in 2006. He is currently teaching Media and English in Australia, while co-editing Holland 1945 and Kipple Poetry.  His first collection of poetry Pollen and the Storm was published with the assistance of Small Change Press in 2008 and his second; Stepping Over Seasons will be published by Interactive Press 2009/10.



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