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The Audacity of Wakefulness


A man wins an election. Is there any news in that? Not really. Then you hear it again. You learn something more: the man is a black man. His mother was white. But he definitely is not a white man. However, because he has to be something, we say black. OK, maybe not exactly black. No need to get all those African-Americans, Africans in the Diaspora and Africans in Africa excited. That level of excitement must come with a health warning for the world. Read more>>


Sholeh Wolpé  captures the voice and spirit of Forugh Farrokhzad with Sin, whilst raising hers from The Rooftops of Tehran. The Poems>>


It began with thundering




Like a thundering herd of

           buffalo stampeding

                    over prairie land


Bernard Gieske>>


Bulletin Board

Just Published: The Length of Light by Unoma Azuah Learn More>>

Poetry Competition: Diversity House (Excel for Charity) International Poetry Competition.

Learn more>>


Friendship and Love in a Strange Land - Terri Ochiagha reviews Chike Momah's The Stream Never Dries Up.

The Review>>

To Hell with Creative Writing; or, Politics:

an Alternative Amusement

by Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike

Sometimes creative writing is the paradox of the flame and the moth. Reality is suspect, and the air is the crypt of a thousand simulacra. Full Essay>>

Old Score

by Nnorom Azuonye

Ugo slides the letter back into the envelope it came in. Like the evil sword it is, there in its scabbard, it will not harm anyone.

Full Story>>





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