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Vol.2 No.1, October 2008. ISSN 1753-6499 (Online).

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Esiaba Irobi
Nnorom Azuonye
Sumaila Umaisha
Wumi Raji





















Welcome to Sentinel Literary Quarterly (October 2008). This marks the amalgamation of Sentinel Poetry (Online) and Sentinel Literary Quarterly into a single quarterly online publication.

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"Poetry for me is a living medium which should flow with the energy of the spoken word.  By recording the text of a poem in the way I do I am trying to put it down in the way a choreographer would record dance movements.   I want to make the point that this is not prose but a different use of language, a more expressive and magical form." 

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Esiaba Irobi

THE PROBLEM WITH POST-COLONIAL THEORY: Re-Theorizing African Performance, Orature and Literature in the Age of Globalization and Diaspora Studies. Read more>>


Wumi Raji's "Once Upon a Miracle"

Feyi remembered his one year at the so-called tertiary institution for teachers, and hissed as he remembered the numbskulls that he had to cope with. More importantly, he remembered powerfully his process of initiation. The two were complexly related.

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