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Vol.3. No. 3. April - June 2010





Barrie Darke
Bruce J. Berger
Chad Norman
Christian Ward
Chuma Nwokolo Jr
Claire Askew
Colin Gallant
Davide Trame
Gary Beck
Ivor W. Hartmann
Katie Metcalfe
M C Hardwick
Michael Conley
Minna Salami
Pete Court
Roger Elkin
Warren Paul Glover
George Freek

Champion Poems #1

Selected Poems from the

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition July 2009, featuring poems by twenty fine minds of our time, including Miles Cain, Mandy Pannett, Charles Evans, L.S Mensah, Thomas Gayton, June Drake, Noel Williams and Ellaraine Lockie.

45 Pages.

3.95 (UK), 4.95 (Overseas)

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A short history

Miles Cain

 Akinlabi Peter

     Andrew Campbell-Kearsey

The Sentinel Literary Quarterly writing competition series began in July 2009 with a poetry competition judged by Andy Willoughby and Bob Beagrie. That competition was won by Miles Cain. In October 2009, Akinlabi Peter emerged as winner in the competition judged by Bobby Parker. After that, some of our readers asked why we focused only on poetry and indicated they would like to see us run short story and drama contests. We considered this seriously and introduced short story competitions in January 2010. Drama will come later. Therefore, in January 2010, we had Munayem Mayenin as the judge of the Poetry Competition won by Noel Williams, while Unoma Azuah judged the first Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition which was won by Andrew Campbell-Kearsey. In the April 2010 competitions, the short story competition judged by Chuma Nwokolo jr was won by ...., while Christian Ward won the  poetry competition judged by Claire Askew with 'The Real Red Riding Hood'.


The current competitions, July 2010, judged by Derek Adams (Poetry) and Laura Solomon (short stories), mark one year of these writing competition series and we are pleased to celebrate it with a 50 increase of the First prize. Henceforth, at least for another year, the first prize shall be 150, second prize stays at 60 and third prize at 40. There is no change at all to the entry fees. All things being well, we expect to upwardly review the prizes from time to time to give just a little more weight to the financial rewards side of the exercise for our writers.


We are grateful to everyone who has supported Sentinel Literary Quarterly by participating in these competitions. We are give thanks to our judges so far; Andy Willoughby, Bob Beagrie, Bobby Parker, Unoma Azuah, Munayem Mayenin, Chuma Nwokolo jr, Claire Askew, Laura Solomon and Derek Adams.



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