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Vol.3. No. 2. January 2010





Andrew Campbell-Kearsey
Claire Godden-Rowland
Dike Okoro
Dominic James
Emmanuel Sigauke
Mandy Pannett
Noel Williams
N Quentin Woolf
Olu Oguibe
Paul Jeffcutt
Sharma Taylor
Susanna Roxman
W Jack Savage


Susanna Roxman "Dream in Two Scenes"


Scene 2

By the sea. The weather is mild, grey, lovely, a little hazy, the season rather vague. Early autumn? Early spring? A not too cold winter? There is a slight sound of waves in the background. Alicia meets nobody during her brief walk to the seashore which is rather small, sandy, greyish, framed by two headlands. A path runs parallel to it. Between shore and path tall, dark pines grow, and under them shrubs, including wild raspberry bushes. Itís a beautiful spot which reminds Alicia of other places, but yet is special and unique. She walks down to the water, admiring the seascape. When she returns to the path, she encounters a man, middle-aged, athletically built, with thick wavy greying hair and brown eyes.

ALICIA: Daddy!

FATHER: Alicia!

(They embrace happily.)

ALICIA: I didnít know you were here.

FATHER: Of course Iím here.

ALICIA: I donít think Iíve been here before.

FATHER: Of course you have.

ALICIA (puzzled): Have I? ...Itís so nice here, Iím quite overwhelmed.

FATHER: I always liked it here.

ALICIA: How is Socks?

FATHER: Heís fine. A very devoted cat, he is.

ALICIA: I know. My own little Melissa is well. And happy, I think. So is Cleo. My own little Cleo.

FATHER: I know.

ALICIA: Do you?

FATHER: I want you to be happy, too.

ALICIA: I thought Iíd lost something. I was asking for it in the village.

FATHER: And had you lost it?

ALICIA: Probably not. I believe now it was a mistake.

FATHER (smiling): Thatís good.

ALICIA: I have a train to catch. I donít know exactly when it leaves.

FATHER: Weíll meet again.


FATHER: Anywhere.

ALICIA (as if remembering something): Yes, of course. Well, see you then, Daddy! Look after yourself.

FATHER: Same to you, little Alicia. See you.

(He Exits)

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