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Akinlabi Peter
Amanda Sington-Williams
A M Gatward
Ayat Ghanem
Bobby Parker
Chuma Nwokolo, Jr.
Dike Okoro
E C Osondu
Katie Metcalfe
Laura Solomon
Mandy Pannett
Michael Larrain
Oge Anyahuru
Terri Ochiagha
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

Welcome to SLQ October 2009. This issue approximates what I envision the magazine to be. Time however was my smooth enemy. Either I ran out of time, or time ran out on me, but I suddenly realised there was not enough of that stuff to tidy up the quarter's interview, and I only managed to read a handful of the poetry submissions.  I apologise to everyone who submitted work that I have not got back to within the 8-week cycle. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks, I shall be looking at all submissions received before 30th of September and let the authors know whether or not we will use them.


Congratulations to Akinlabi Peter who has won the First Prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (October 2009).  Writing about Peter's poem "Moving", Bobby Parker, the competition judge says 'The opening lines took me by the hand and by the end of the poem I had been somewhere and come back better for it. There is a command of line and craft in ‘’Moving’’ that doesn’t get in the way, that doesn’t drown out the sound of a heart beating.'  The Second Prize has been won by Katie Metcalfe - a creative writing student, with her poem "Pumpkin Seeds". Now, would you believe this? Mandy Pannett won the Third Prize. This is the second quarter back to back that Mandy Pannett has won the Third Prize in our poetry competitions. This time she won with "Through Dust". Last quarter, she won with "The God of Allotments." Mandy Pannett is a creative writing tutor in West Sussex. It is fantastic to see a Creative Writing teacher achieving well in the craft herself, so she is not like a driving instructor who cannot drive. In a New Hope International review of Pannett's Bee Purple, Steve Anderson is full of praise; "These poems are solid and sparse, well constructed, perfectly balanced and technically superb. Mandy Pannett knows the voice of her muse well. Everything is mature and totally confident." I am pleased that she is giving our competitions the benefit of her craft. The poems themselves instruct on how to write them.


We have also now set up an SLQ blog. Would you like to write for our blog? Let me know and we could work it out so that in between the publications, we can have engaging creative discourses here.


Enjoy this issue and make it a duty to read this magazine every quarter. We will appreciate any feedbacks that will move the magazine forward.


God bless you.


Nnorom Azuonye



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