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Welcome to Sentinel Annual Writing Competitions

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...founded December 2002


Sentinel Annual Poetry & Short Story Competitions 2015


We are pleased to announce the results of the poetry competition 2015 judged by Afam Akeh and short story competition judged by Alex Keegan




Commended Poems


Al McClimens - Keats on the Moon

Mandy Pannett - Wings

Audrey Ardern-Jones - Sight Beyond

Anne M Carson - Vintage Song

Heather Combe - De Motu Cordis (On the Motion of the Heart)

Eithne Cullen - The Whisper of Stars

Mary Rozmus-West - Upon a Night

Seán Street - Liverpool Bay

Ruth Calway - Homing Bird

Sharon Black  - Naming the Colour


Highly Commended Poems


Aelred Down - Redacted

 Noel Williams - Overgrown

A C Clarke - In the Walled Garden

Oonah V Joslin - Toronto Girl

Catherine Atherton - Austral


Third Prize


Philip Burton - Garments


Second Prize


Noel Williams - Return to Kabul, 1990


First Prize


Diane Cook - Strix Aluco


Read the adjudication report here




Commended stories


Colin Watts - Grapefruit Moon

Dianne Bown-Wilson - Bean Counter

D.R.D. Bruton - Breathless


Highly Commended


Marie Chambers - In the Kingdom of Complaint.

D.R.D. Bruton  - Thirteen Wedding Dresses

Chris Heyward  - Getting Started


Third Prize


Paul McDonald  - Touched for the Very First Time


Second Prize


Lynne Voyce  - Star-Gazing With the Green Man


First Prize


Daniel Knibb  - Extractions


Read the adjudication report here.



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