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Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology (SALA) is a yearly publication of new poetry, short fiction and plays by SPM Publications - the publishing division of Sentinel Poetry Movement.  



Review by Alison Lock

The Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology is a fantastic collection of writing that spans a variety of genres.  There are new poems, short stories and plays edited by Unoma Azuah, Amanda Sington-Williams, and Nnorom Azuonye. The contributors come from Hong Kong, Nigeria, the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries.

It makes for exciting reading as the issues tackled are from the everyday to the unusual and allow the reader much anticipation with the turning of each page. As Byron Beynon says (and this could sum up the whole collection), in his poem, ‘Sorbonne,’ it is:

          The promise like a corner/yet to be turned’

Despite the differing subject matter of the stories and dramatic pieces, the theme of ‘freedom seeking’ in its many forms is prevalent.  Full Review








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