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                 Send up to 6 poems (40 lines Max per poem, includes stanza breaks) any style or theme.

                 Poems MUST be previously unpublished. Poems posted on Internet discussion boards as part of the writing process are not deemed to have been previously published.

                 Book Reviews, Profiles of poets, and interviews up to 2000 words double-spaced.

                 Essays, Academic Papers up to 8,000 words.

                 Include a short biographical note no more than 4 lines.

                 This may seem obvious, but kindly write your name postal address AND e-mail address on every page.

                 Please allow up to 8 weeks for a decision on your poem.

                 Please note, as soon as we accept your poetry for publication, we hold the copyright to the poem until the day of publication. Upon publication, the copyright reverts to you. Please mention in future publications the the poem(s) first appeared in Sentinel Poetry Quarterly.

                 Payment: 1 Complimentary copy of the magazine.

                 Submissions by e-mail onlyin the body of the mail AND as Microsoft Word attachment to:




The editor will publish any poem he likes. He has a bias for poems that examine the beautiful, as well as the ugly side of humanity, everyday things that people often ignore — relationship problems between husband and wife, parent and child, employer and employee, leaders of nations and their citizens.


He is also very excited about poems that seek to make sense of the relationship between God and people, poems that show the inner struggles people face in their spiritual relationships. He is fascinated by the thoughts of people who believe neither in God nor anything at all.


Poems that deplore or condemn war, crime and the degradation of human dignity, or those that inspire people to overcome obstacles will probably make the editor smile.


He has a personal dislike for centralised poems and may not even read any of those if submitted. He also has little patience for those poems that think they are war maps —with blocks of words scattered all over the page.


He does not mind poems that have no punctuations at all, as long as the line structures create natural breaks and do not make reading the poems an ordeal.


Finally, the editor hates obscure poems. If you wish to submit your material and have used images or references that a reader will need to contact you first in order to get it, you may want one of those stuffy magazines.


He will consider experimental poems and poems that turn set forms on their head.


Features & Reviews


The editor finds that there are a lot of poems out there, a lot of poetry magazines too that carry only poetry. He has a love for magazines that feature interviews and critical articles. If you’ve had a chance to interview a poet, or you have seen a great poetry book you feel obliged to review, by all means send them in.




Keep the bio down to three or four lines, just to say who you are, where you live and publications if any. Due to limitation of space, at the end only your name and location may be used. Don’t tell the editor how long you have been writing poems, how many cats you have, or how many editors have been pestering you to send in your work. Don’t send your bio and list of publications (without any poems) demanding an invitation to submit based on your achievements. The editor will ignore that demand.


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