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triptych by obemata


ISBN 978-0956810199




as to silence what can i say

of this silence that peels from silence,


this tongue that is indebted

to silence?


this silence spills deep

inside me.

i feel it on the tongue, vocal cord, voice,

lips. silent,


this searching out of silences, one

                                            searching the other out, 

searches out this vocal cord that canít say

what it wants to say,


at least,

the lips that canít say where        they are at,

whether or not the voice is lost.


what can i say

when silence says all  i can possibly say.





there is no death greater than the deaths

              we die. when we pack

the dusks and dawns we have lived,

readied ourselves for departure

              that moment arrives.

the dawn we have not lived we reserve for our loved one.

we spread the remains of dusk we lived on our palms,

codicils written in blueprints,

dated, witnessed, sealed

so no one shall put yesterday to the proof.

departing is unlike parting, is unlike leaving

for announced dates,

is unlike catching a lover by surprise,

still we depart prepared.

                      leaving or arriving,

departing or parting

as if death were to catch us by surprise

we will love our loved one

so deep no love shall be deeper than ours.

dearest, meet me where we crossed yesterday:

                   we have seen many dusks, we have lived many dawns,



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