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"There is much to appreciate in Nduka's joyous language, his percussive rhythms; his sense of movement runs like a river..."

          -Library Journal

"In Nine East, Nduka locates the grace of our graphic, bodied days, in verse somehow both free and arresting – volleyed between playful compound neologisms and stark, unaffected prose these lines capture the poet's life in all its quotidian wonder, the word recalling always our dual anatomies, formed of cell and sentence. The edges blur as we enter the pace of these pages, knowing ourselves here, asking ourselves (as Nduka asks himself, and us) why we are waiting for a bus as the poem's face is lifting off, almost slipping out of the page, making room for the unintended. They are poems for now, and for here."
          - Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Managing Editor Exit Strata


"The trouble with Uche Nduka is that he is incapable of writing a single poem that does not confirm his reputation as a – no, make that “the” – the master of the word. In Nine East, every word is a world ajar, beckoning. Reader, you must enter this world – Uche’s world made ours – where an enthralling marriage of perception and lyricism guarantees that your senses shall never be the same again. This is what we ask of the truly great poet, what we ask of great poetry of the sort that Uche Nduka delivers in this book."

          - Pius Adesanmi, Winner, Penguin Prize for African Writing




Nine East About Uche Nduka Reviews Buy Nine East




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