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Uche Nduka

photo © Hiroki Kobayashi (2013)


Nine East
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foreclosing the gaps
they are rushing around
in hand-me-downs; to
dismantle is also to build;
the sun takes hold of the porch;
i take it upon myself
not to part from my husk; redemption
won’t come today won’t come tomorrow;
promptly a fall-out;
gnosis as war; the remote control
of a root unsung;
hometown stuffed into genitality;
a model of displacement;
beeswax, pull down the tables; do
not go with the flow; inaccessible stilt
house the discourse on inaccessible
stilt house; a toast chortled; a
life ridden with flashbulbs;
i don’t give a shit
about seeking refuge in you;
they sink beneath the toast




of crosstown pledge
still out of doors
on the politics of it
bunny bit by bunny bit
eyes on a padlock
still out of words
trying to understand a police patrol
as much as the tough times
we have getting into these things
my husband zigzagging into
This Is The Wrong Number
the crane has a way of pissing you off
you shaking a billboard’s hand
oafishness as ballast
still with a cast negotiating
bladder control
bygones and venetian blinds
those tires reading the street
maybe beauty is a question
out in the rain you’re
better off without an umbrella
say all say nothing
picket fence trashcan



there is more to the silence
of milkweed.
their disguises end up
in a comicstrip.
tincans in reeds, candywrapper, gyroscope.
stealing back the past.
why not go berserk.
i don’t like biographies.
i come from a family of freaks.
it does not make sense not to go crazy now and then.
i know the licks you know
but do you know the licks i know.
syllables eating figs.
coal, burrs, croissants inside your sheepskin coat
ebbing then rising then ebbing.


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