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Marking Time

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ISBN 978-0-9568101-1-3


“Marking Time is a stunning collection of poetry that brings social history to life, looks at the world with breathless precision, and gets under the skin of the characters who moulded - and were moulded by

- its landscapes.


Roger Elkin's readers expect nothing less than glittering imagery and perfection in both vocabulary choice and the use of language. This

collection gives more as, like all the best poetry, it affects the way its reader thinks.  Reading Marking Time opens new vistas on life and death, love and ageing, and the whole human condition.  Enjoy.”

- Alison Chisholm


“The latest volume by Roger Elkin is a work of considerable

maturity and vision, its success measured by the powerful ways in which stories are told, and histories recreated… rooted in

characterization, the intricate and crafted phrasing, which leave the reader moved by who we have met, and the extent to which we know them. This is unusual in poetry, and difficult to achieve. It leaves you wanting to read, meet and learn more of the same.

This is a big and important book.”

- Will Daunt



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