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Prize-winning poet, Roger Elkin was literary advisor to the Leek Arts Festival for whom he organized an International Poetry Competition (1982-1992); the co-Editor (1985-1988) of Prospice, the international literary quarterly, issues 17-25 inclusive; and sole Editor (1991-2006), of Envoi, poetry magazine, issues 101-145 inclusive.


He has reviewed for Stand, Outposts, and Envoi; and was poetry tutor on residential weekend courses at Wedgwood College, Barlaston.


He is available for book-signings, readings, & writing workshops.



Other Publications by Roger Elkin include:


Pricking Out (Aquila, 1988)

Points of Reference (Headland, 1996)

Home Ground (Headland, 2002)

Rites of Passing (Shoestring, 2006)

Blood Brothers, New & Selected Poems (Headland, 2006)

No Laughing Matter (Cinnamon Press, 2007)

Dog’s Eye View (Lapwing Press, 2010)

Fixing Things (Indigo Dreams, 2011)

Bird in the Hand (Indigo Dreams, 2012)


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