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Afam Akeh



Letter Home

About Afam Akeh






So Long A Letter

Review of Letter Home & Biafran Nights by Chielozona Eze



Afam Akeh is one of the better known names among his generation of Nigerian poets. He is not known for many volumes. In fact, his literary fame rests solely on his only collection of poems to date, Stolen Moments, published in 1988. Based on the mastery displayed in it though, the African poetry community eagerly anticipated his next volume. Letter Home & Biafran Nights is worth the long wait. Read more.


Afam Akeh & the Poetics of Nostalgia

Review of Letter Home & Biafran Nights by Chuma Nwokolo



When an important poet has held his peace for a quarter of a century, a new book from him becomes a kind of performance art, with the return to print a victory in itself. Yet, such a return imposes a burden of its own, for an oracle that breaks a 25-year silence had better have something more profound for us than a weather prediction. Afam Akeh’s first book, Stolen Moments appeared in 1988, in tandem with Flower Child, the collection of his contempory, the poet Uche Nduka who has been rather less reticent in print. Since then, his poetry has appeared sparingly in the usual online and magazine fora. He has written elsewhere of his admiration for Christopher Okigbo. It is fortunate that he has not followed that pioneer poet’s involuntary example in retiring from the canon with a single volume to his credit: in December, 2012, Afam’s collection of 31 poems, Letter Home & Biafran Nights [SPM Publications, 2012] was published and it has this morning been longlisted for the 2013 NLNG Prize. He is in good company, with collections from nine other Nigerian poets in contention ( Remi Raji, Amatoritsero Ede, Gilbert Ogbowei, Obari Gomba, Tade Ipadeola, Femi Osofisan, Chijioke Amu-nnadi , Promise Ogochukwu and Iquo DianaAbasi Eke.) Read more>



A Poet’s Poet Named Afam Akeh

A review by Uzor Maxim Uzoatu


Respect is the word that sits on the head of Afam Akeh in the convocation of Nigerian poets. It is well-nigh impossible to see any contemporary gatherer of metaphors who does not have a high opinion of Afam’s work. This is indeed remarkable given that it took Afam more than two decades to publish his second collection of poems, Letter Home & Biafran Nights, after his 1988 debut outing, Stolen Moments, published by the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). Afam had shown early promise but there was a lacuna in publishing which prompted ANA under the inspiration of Odia Ofeimun to publish Afam Akeh’s Stolen Moments alongside A Shout Across the Wall by Idzia Ahmad, Amnesty by Kemi Atanda Ilori, Cotyledons by Esiaba Irobi, Flower Child by Uche Nduka, and Questions for Big Brother by Emman Usman Shehu. These poets have come to be iconified as the Update Poets. Read More>



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