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Where we stand


There was a time we got on with the business of publishing poetry, artworks and related stuff. There was a time we had lots of fun building a vibrant community of writers and artists. There was a time we went about these with unalloyed passion and exuberance. We called forth sounds, purposes, and images from every corner of the world. We delivered our promises almost as if our lives depended on them.


Like most battles worth fighting, we rode against many obstacles and triumphed over most of them, yet there are those who might insist that somehow, somewhere in the house of Sentinel something gave, and suddenly time became mightily unfriendly, and the tasks all grew red horns and the vision's victory cry so far away.


We are done with apologies. They would never be necessary if in all aspects of our enterprise here at Sentinel Poetry (Online) we set out to look for our missing black goats while there was daylight, and that is exactly what we will do.


We still believe that poetry makes the world spin, and when it comes on the same publication as paintings or photography, we offer different windows into the hearts and minds of our various reading publics.


The players may have changed, the frequency of the publication has also been changed but the game remains the same and its name is let's publish words and pictures that will delight, educate and inspire all our readers. Every two months we will do this without fail.


We are grateful to our guest for this issue, Dr Dubem Okafor and all the other contributors. Now we must turn our minds to the May/June issue which will go live on Sunday, the 27th of April, 2008. Nothing has changed. We are going about the business of publishing poetry, artworks and other related stuff.



Nnorom Azuonye


28 February 2008


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