Sentinel Poetry (Online) #36 – November 2005

Online Magazine Monthly…since December 2002. ISSN 1479-425X




Unoma Azuah




I am facing walls

backing walls

feeling walls

in this spiritual slab

In the recesses of my seclusion

You're still my companion

like a pet parrot perching around my shoulder.

I bear you like a like a birth mark

In the alcove of my caves

My nerves threaten to burst

and focusing in this holy altar is a squeeze

the stones, the light, the white

sleeping air, frozen trees

yet, the bulging, the pounding,

the heaving of this single heart

My legs refuse to lift to this retreat

For you are one with God

The layers of separation blur where I meet the trinity—the son

the Father, and

the spirit

Your face is etched on every stretch of silence

In every incantation your voice floats

the chants, the hymns

the stringing of beads

the whispers of prayers

You become the fever that subdue me in my quest for power

and the herb that heals me in my drift into weakness

My altar of worship—medium Aevum...


Unoma Azuah won The Sentinel Poetry Bar Challenge (September 2005) on the theme ‘Favourite obscure word’.


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