Sentinel Poetry (Online) #36 – November 2005

Online Magazine Monthly…since December 2002. ISSN 1479-425X




Ben Ladouceur


The Ballad of John and Yoko

Ben Ladoucer 

        (channeling art goddess super-

        star poet asia minor

        as she looks for her hand in the snow)


long hair, sandy black

my pinches of eyes side-by-side in the years made of gold

and they're over


as it turns out

I have not been able to show forgiveness

to the murderer


as if acception is something gained

or a change a girl like me is capable of,

perhaps a skill grown like skin shed

        in a strawberry field

        with a holy hymn


and one joint shared

between two

        perfect lovers.


I will raise children like beets from the ground

        produce a sound that's a song

        from a voice that is new

reborn under spotlit stigmas,

roots of trees looking down on me


tonight is a stolen honeymoon

I will be eaten alive



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