Online Magazine Monthly -- March 2005
Amatoritsero Ede



The train dragged memories of you like shadows
Their intense charcoal frames etched on passing trees
And fields that seem to be unprepared for such passion.
The vision of a green world outside my windows passes by in a blur.
What remains are paintings of your face
Made by the sun on the surface of my eyes.
Maybe that dark tunnel is your hair…its dense innards.
May be the streaks of lighting from lamps are fleeting smiles
May be the sounds of the engine are meant to drown my memories
Or distract me from remembering you.

When the train slows down, so does my breath
And then my heart counts each and every rail
Like its counting dreams
Intoxicated by the scents from the past.

I hope you will be waiting for me at the next station
As my expectant heart leaps out of the oppressive confines of the coach
You will be like memories that can breathe…
Memories that I can embrace and steal from your bosom.


The cloth filters
My heavy breath, laden with particles of sand,
As I survey this desert that is your abode.

I see you everywhere
Your curvaceous body
That shifts like the dunes.

My fingers explore
The love bites you left on my neck
Like ripples made by wind on the sand.

The ominous scales left by a desert snake
Now consumed by grains of sand,
Churned by my weary feet.

I search for the oasis,
Which I suspect is near your navel,
To quench my thirst.

If it is a mirage that consumes my life,
Let it be of you…
Your flesh and your skin.

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