Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo
Don't Cry, Dear Butterfly
Spirit Immersed
Aminu Mahmud
My Heart Whispers,
Protest Streets
Durlabh Singh
Sonnet One
Natural Tones
Tolulope Ogunlesi
A Bridge Passing Under Many Waters
Those Eyes
Helen Woodward
Woman 1
Woman 2
Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal
Memory Is Being Blurred
I Am Being Drowned
Shakespeare In Tears
Adult Franchise
Rural India
Ugochukwu Smooth C.
One Day
Uche Nduka
Shuffle Beige: Extracts
Chris Major
Emman Usman Shehu
Angela Fraser
Nnorom Azuonye
My E-Conversation with
Emman Usman Shehu
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I am pleased to welcome you to the 1st Anniversary issue of Sentinel Poetry magazine which also marks one year of the movement that publishes it. This issue features poems by Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo, Aminu Mahmud, Durlabh Singh, Tolulope Ogunlesi, Helen Woodward, Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal, Ugochukwu Smooth C., Uche Nduka, Chris Major, and Emman Usman Shehu. 

In the 12 months of Sentinel Poetry Movement, we have successfully published this magazine every month and have had an eclectic mix of poets with styles and themes as variant as their backgrounds. Our guest poets have included Obi Nwakanma, Kola Boof, Rebecca Steltner, Chimalum Nwankwo, Chika Unigwe, Roman Graf, Stephen Vincent, Chukwuma Azuonye, Alison Chisholm, Obiora Udechukwu, and Toyin Adewale-Gabriel.

In the issues of the magazine we have also celebrated the poetic voices of Nduka E. Nduka, Esiaba Irobi, Nnorom Azuonye, Victor Ehikhamenor, Chika O. Okeke, Tom Chivers, Ife Awonobi, Unoma Azuah, Uduma Kalu, C. Highsmith-Hooks, Uche Nduka, Emeka Azuine, Ike Anya, Leslie Harris, Meghan l. Quinn, Afam Ben Akeh, Martin Jack, Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo, Vishishta, Denise Enck, Durlabh Singh, Andrew Willoughby, Emeka Aroh, Deno Sandz, Emman Usman Shehu, Robert John Helms, Richard L. Provencher, JB Mulligan, Bruce Ackerly, Nicholas Cockayne, Chris Major, Josef Lesser, Sundra, and Ernest Dempsey. During the year we have also published interviews with Obi Nwakanma, Kola Boof, Esiaba Irobi, Chika Unigwe, Roman Graf, Alison Chisholm, Toyin Adewale-Gabriel, Stephen Vincent and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

In our Expression Warehouse there are poems by Adele Cain, Denis Burns, Ali Roche, Ben White, Herman Vymislicky, BG Ryan, Adeiza Atureta, Valerie Attia, Khalif Abdulrasheed, Kenechukwu Onwugaje, Jeneen Reynolds, Heather Hopfinger, Nduka Uzoma, C. Highsmith-Hooks, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Jacquelyn Marie Nolen (Posthumously), Nnamdi Azuonye (posthumously), Stacey-Ann Cole, Jerry Ham, Nathan Lewis, CJ Bluez Ike, and Gerald Morrison and in our Poetry Bar you will find fresh regular postings by Moonstruck, Ngoawa, b.g.ryan, davood88, Lucy, austyn, shadowdancer, Trisha, Mahmud, Seshendrasharma, aliness, tippedtoes, timan, U, Shanda, Durlabh, Nibbi, Scooper, BenMorgan, Poetry Knight, Uzoma and Amyandroger among others.

In all it has been a satisfying and rewarding exciting endevour. My only regret is that I have not been able to afford more time than I have been able to give over the year to work with many interested parties to develop regular events, publicity machines and the planned print version of the magazine. But on the great side, plans to release the first Sentinel Poetry Collection featuring selected poems published in the magazine between December 2002 and November 2003 in book form have reached advanced stages and details of publisher and publication date will be announced through the web site and our monthly newsletter in due course.

For the registered members of Sentinel Poetry Movement and the surfers-by who visit sentinel poetry website every month, I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have. It is your poetry site, help make it better, through your suggestions, submissions and publicity. Add a link to your site and e-mail signature--tell somebody about Sentinel. As we begin the journey for another year, together we can build the biggest and freest community of poets in the world.

Long Live Poetry! And Merry Christmas.

Nnorom Azuonye
December, 01, 2003

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