Guest Poet: Obi Nwakanma


Hello everybody,

It is with great excitement that I introduce our guest poet for December 2002, Mr Obi Nwakanma - one of the finest poets to come out of Africa and a true sentinel poet of our time.

The four poems featured here "
A Voice from the Ruined City", "To the sea, my memory", "Prayer to the Eye", and "The Horsemen" provide a just a glimpse into the creative and artistic range of this talented poet and I for one cannot wait to get a hand on the complete arsenal - his new volume of poems "The Horsemen And other Poems" from which these are taken.

You can expect fireworks , and with good reason too; Nwakanma's first collection "The Roped Urn" received critical acclaim and awards including the 1996 Association Of Nigerian Authors/Cadbury Prize.

Obi has been available to talk with me on a range of issues:
My e-Conversation With Obi Nwakanma. I have also written a short profile of the poet. Both of these should help you mould an image of this writer and make sense of where he has come from creatively and I hope, walk with him to his destination.

Happy Reading, peace and love.

Nnorom Azuonye
Sentinel Poetry Movement

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