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The sky is a lock of water
among the hills

joining sky versus
land, where fowl inhabit

openness and hard crusts.
Humans exhibit their

the only safe
journey beneath
the seas of the world

below the depths of
earthly worries

errs of existence, damaged
crops and
other essentials.

Hurry to correct the
situation, food banks, charities
to other nations

and we are left at the well.

Milk Wagon Days
I remember horse hooves
following steamy
eyes leather-protected

and little boy friendships

through alleys,
between overstuffed garbage
cans and
a serenade of clinking

milk bottles announcing
morning deliveries.

We eagerly awaited our hero
to appoint
one of us, hoping for
a chance to be today's

and the lucky one hopping
aboard the wagon
clink-clanking away.

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Richard L. Provencher was born in 1942 in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, 650 Kms NW of Montreal. Work experiences include Miner in Noranda Copper Mine, Welfare Officer in Moosonee on James Bay, Assistant Housing Manager in Toronto, Social Services Administrator in Sarnia and United Way in Truro, Nova Scotia. His writing blends a love of the outdoors with contemporary issues. He has poems and short stories published in The Windsor Review, The New Quarterly, Paperplates, Tower Poetry Society, LitWit Review, Utmost Christian Poets Gallery, The Preservation Conservation Foundation, Inc. and The Pittsburgh Quarterly. His novels, poetry and short story e-Books are available through A W Publishing. Richard and Esther live in Truro. They have four children.