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Flower From The Tomb

Elegance of palms in gentle breeze
Grace of duikers on hind legs

Emulsion of twilight on calm beach water
Whose ripples must beat seven eyes

Water of the crescent moon
Bathing the jungle at sunset

O royal python towelled dry
Glistening too from lamplight of my soul

Always you made my lips quiver
Before a rainbow touched my heart

Between the morning and noontide of our meeting
I remained human with your incandescence

I was the rocket of all galaxies
Powered by bonfires of your heart

But this is evening; evening of ashes
Endgame of skies breaking in invisible lines

Endgame of sand dunes of scorched lilies and roses
Of the short horizon of steel, marble cycloramas

Unless you sit on angel galleries
Blights will blaze over your serene image

You were alone on my royal seat
Matchless work by nameless genius

O sealed meaning of mysteries
Speeding through the white clouds of my night

You were what is left by a sacred tomb
A resurrection with a flower behind

You from the deep of the sweetest of dreams
Daring the dragon of sunlight...