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March 1, 2003. Exactly 91 days since the launch of Sentinel Poetry Movement. It has been a time of immense joy and excitement. We have been blessed with fantastic poets and guests, and quite a mix of styles and themes of poetry. I have received e-mails from poets saying, "I would like to contribute, but I don't know if my style will fit in." The thing is that every style fits in with Sentinel whether you are a conformer to a grey-bearded poetic style or an experimental hot head, you will be just fine at Sentinel, this is because we want all our poets to say what they want to say, how they want to say it, as long as they do not libel any person, they are not pornographic and do not incite racial or religious hatred.

If for some reason we can't use a particular poem in the magazine, do we not have the Expression Warehouse? Do we not have the uncensored Poetry Bar? Actually it is not exactly uncensored. I pop into the Poetry Bar everyday and do quite a lot of deleting when people get unduly profane. You can still say what you want to say without those explicit things. Whatever you decide to post, all we ask is that you believe in what you say, enough to put your name on it--hence our payoff--
Stand Firm At The Gate Of Your Heart!

With over 2000 lovers of poetry now visiting Sentinel Poetry website every week, it is a great feeling. Thanks to the great active links at,, 2River, we are having hundreds of repeat visitors who happily go back to our earlier features so that their poetic enjoyments might be full.

This month brings to you 22 great poems from four poets, Chika Unigwe (our guest for the month of March), Ike Anya, Leslie Harris and Meghan L. Quinn. There is also the delightful electronic conversation with Chika Unigwe, a special tribute to the Nigerian poet Idzia Ahmad who went into transition recently, and other usual bits such as poetry competitions and other announcements.

All of us at Sentinel are truly excited about the steady growth of the movement and the voice the magazine now presents. We are now planning a small printed anthology of poems to lend a non-virtual permanence to the fruits efforts of Sentinel poets.

Thank you for visiting again this month, and I hope you like this issue. We want your poems, your review of poetry books, your interview with poets, announcements of your poetry events. Have you published a new book? Are you going to read your poem somewhere soon? Announce it in our Poetry Bar. It is Free, and you can go back as often as you want to edit or add information.

Nnorom Azuonye
London, March 1, 2003

Have a wonderful time with Sentinel--Number 4 (March 2003) Click here.