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Rebecca Steltner
Summer Forgetting
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Unoma Azuah
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Uduma Kalu
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I am still eager
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When freedom come
Through tainted eyes
The Day The Towers Fell
Uche Nduka
Turn the key
Slow Feet
Emeka Azuine
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Song for Souls

Nnamdi Obioha Azuonye
- Profile of the poet
Nnorom Azuonye
The Freedom Clause: Theme and Meaning
in the poems of
Nnamdi Azuonye

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Nnamdi Obioha Azuonye--Profile of the poet

Nnamdi Obioha Azuonye wrote over a thousand poems of intense lyrical, mystical, prophetic and philosophical power. He was also an artist who drew and painted in lurid colours his visionary world of perfect peace and love and his intense disappointment with the conventional world of violence, deception, and spiritual nullity in which we all live and which we accept without question.

With the ascetism of an avatar who would rather "soar the high winds of heaven" (I Wish I Could Fly High), he rejects the world of convention. His was a private world into which the uninitiated was forbidden to enter.

For Nnamdi, true success lies - not in the material world and its meaningless categories, but in the metaphysical realm which he describes powerfully in Iridescent Glow.

A consummate Zen philosopher by nature and inclination, he allowed things to work themselves out without any stressful reordering of their ebb and flow. It is also the essence of his reflections on the meaning of his mortality.

Nnamdi Azuonye was born in Nigeria on February 13, 1982.
He was educated at University Of Nigeria Elementary School (1987-1992), from where he transferred to the elementary school grades in Philadelphia (1992) and Woburn, Massachusetts (1992-1993),
completing his middle school in Quincy (1993-1995).

In 1995 he transferred to the Milton High School, from which he graduated in June 1999 and where he distinguished himself as a versatile sportsman, dancer and actor. In September of the same year, he enrolled at the University Of Massachusetts, Boston, completing his second year in Computer Science in May 2001 while working part-time at the CVS photography laboratory in East Milton.

He was killed in an automobile accident in Boston on the 4th of July 2001.

Some of his poems have been collected and published under the banner of Nsibidi Modern African Series by Nsibidi Africana Publishers. The four collections include:

(1) Paradigm City and Other Poems
(2) Iridescent Glow and Other Poems
(3) Life With So Short A Memory (Poems of Love, Fun and Experience)
(4) Rhymes Upon The Clock (Rap Lyrics.)

These titles are now available to buy at
or direct from Nsibidi Africana Publishers

Feature Article: The Freedom Clause: Theme and Meaning in the poems of Nnamdi Azuonye

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