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Past Issues


Dec. 2002 - Nov. 2003

Dec. 2003 - Nov. 2004

Dec. 2004 - Nov. 2005

Dec. 2005 - Nov. 2006

Dec. 2006 - Nov. 2007







Issues #49 - #60 December 2006 - November 2007


#59, November 2007

Guest Poet: Chris Abani, also featuring Esiaba Irobi, Bob Beagrie, Nduka Otiono, Ejovwoke Ophori, Leyowena Witham and James Cudjoe.


#58, October 2007


#57 September 2007

Christopher Okigbo Special Edition. Features Christopher Okigbo, James Tsaaior, Jumoke Verissimo, Obiwu, Obododimma Oha, Obi Nwakanma, Uduma Kalu, Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo.


#56 August 2007

Ogaga Ifowodo, Ron Cervero, Afam Akeh, Hyon-Jong Chong, and Daniel Godston. Artists this month are Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo and Uche Edochie.

#55 July 2007

Guest Poet Peter Van Toorn, Guest Artist Steve Slimm, Paul Ainsworth, Matthew Martin, and Obemata. There are three interviews with Toorn, Slimm and Pius Adesanmi.


#54 June 2007


#53 May 2007


#52 April 2007


March 2007 issue was not published due to technical and logistic issues


#51 February 2007



January 2007

Editorial: "Poetry and Abjection", Interview: "The Twist In The Tale" - with Nduka Otiono (Guest Poet). Poems by Nduka Otiono, Clem Hawes, Catherine Kustansczi-Johnson, Obemata, Laura Solomon, Danielle Fessenbecker, and Lucy Thomas. Artworks by Hassan Aliyu.




December 2006 - 4th Anniversary Issue

Editorial: The Child of Dream. Interview: The Music of Dignity - with Ogaga Ifowodo (Guest Poet). Book Review: Mario Susko's Life Revisited by Barbara Reiher-Meyers. Poems by Ogaga Ifowodo, Roger Humes, Cristian Mocanu, Tolu Ogunlesi, Uche Nduka, Kiesa Kay, Uduma Kalu, Toni Kan, Ana Eulate, Gill McEvoy, Tade Ipadeola, Obododimma Oha and Kola Tubosun (winner of the Sentinel Poetry Bar Challenge, October 2006)