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Published on the first day of every month by SPM Publications - the publishing arm of Sentinel Poetry Movement, Sentinel Poetry (Online) has not missed an issue in four years, and is one of the few online journals that boasts an archive of issues going back four years.


Since 2002, the journal has featured hundreds of poets and artists from different backgrounds and styles of expression. The eclectic nature of the journal means that their is always something for everyone regardless of their creative persuasion. In seeking to have an international and broad outlook, quality remains the watchword.


Edited by Nnorom Azuonye from inception in December 2002 until February 2005, Sentinel Poetry (Online) has been edited by Amatoritsero Ede since March 2005.


Over the next few years, in other to give our readers the best and offer them varied experiences we may from time to time use a guest poetry editor. We are also expanding the editorial team, making each editor sector-specific. Amatoritsero Ede's role has therefore become that of Editor-in-Chief. He controls the creative environment and thrusts of the journal. Working with him are Kellee Lugo, the Technical Editor who will eventually take over completely from Nnorom Azuonye as webmaster, and as the journal grows, she should head a team of web designers. Patrick Iberi is the new Art Editor, while Azuonye manages the production and logistic processes of the journal.


Sentinel Poetry (Online) ISSN 1479-425X, founded in December 2002 by Nnorom Azuonye is registered with the British Library.