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Our Critique Service is available to both new and established writers. You may access it for a detailed evaluation and feedback on your new work, or work under revision. Perhaps you have completed a piece of fiction or poetry and it has not quite worked. You know something is not right with it, but can't put a finger on it? Let our critique consultants - active writers, creative writing tutors and workshop leaders work with you to get your work as ready as possible for publishing with constructive criticism and expert guidance.


Your text will be evaluated by a professional critique consultant, who, having read the piece, allowing themselves to be guided by any specific areas of concern you may have highlighted, will report back. Typically, the feedback report will include an overview of the piece, followed by detailed comments. Content will vary according to the strengths of the text, but may typically focus on issues such as characterisation, handling of point of view, pace, use of dialogue, imagery, and so on.


Please note that this is a creative critique rather than a proofreading service; spelling, grammar, format, etc. may be mentioned insofar as they have some impact on the success of the text, but they are not the central concern of the critique. The consultant will use indicators in the text itself to determine the issues to discuss; if there are any complicating factors, please draw attention to them (e.g. if the story or poem is written using childish language throughout but is intended for adults, please make this clear). Reports will be returned within a maximum of four weeks. To avoid delay, if within 48 hours you have not received confirmation that your text has been received by the consultant, please email to request confirmation. Feedback is offered as opinion only.


Submitting your work


Text presented as an attachment in a .doc or .docx AND pasted into the body of the email


Double spaced


Pages numbered 


The name and contact details of the sender on every page of the document


Any guidelines as to any aspects of the text that you are particularly concerned about (not required; in the absence of specific questions, a general reading will be done)


Please note: Feedback constitutes an opinion only, and any alterations to the text are implemented at the sole discretion and risk of the author.


Consultant: N Quentin Woolf

Woolf is a creative writing tutor and critique specialist, with more than 700 hours of experience facilitating critical feedback for writers.


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