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Sentinel Champions is the Sentinel Literary Quarterly (SLQ) Writing Competitions magazine.


First published in November 2009 as Champion Poems, a process of change began shortly after the publication of Issue #2 in February 2010 as a result of the introduction of short stories in the SLQ competition series. It became necessary to include the winning stories in the magazine, necessitating the title change.


But it is not just short stories that have been introduced, we now also interview past winners of the competitions. These interviews are not about their winning the SLQ competitions but about the art of writing from their points of view and experience. We find that these interviews are especially useful to all writers at whatever stage they may be in their writing careers.


Published by SPM Publications, a division of Sentinel Poetry Movement, every issue of Sentinel Champions presents a different taste in poetry and fiction. This is because we tend to use different judges for each competition. We may well return to certain judges in due course. This is in fact a certainty.


The winning works are chosen and edited by the judges. Although the judges are charged to find 15 publishable poems and 4 publishable short stories from each competition, sometimes they will find far more. The publisher will always work with the judges to arrive at the works that will make the final cut. The prize-winning poems make it into the magazine by default. Due to constraints of space, it may not be possible for all commended poems or stories to receive publication in Sentinel Champions.


Sentinel Champions will now be published on a regular basis in February, May, August and November every year.


Publishing schedule for the next year


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Sentinel Champions Publication Date

January 2012

25th August 2012

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25th November 2012

July 2012

25th February 2013

October 2012

25th May 2013






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