Selected Poems from the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2009)


Editors:  Andy Willoughby and Bob Beagrie


Coffee (First Prize Winner) Miles Cain

Enemy Funeral (Second Prize Winner) Miles Cain

The God of Allotments (Third Prize Winner) Mandy Pannett

Leaning into the Afternoon Danny Bird

Summer 1990 Teodora Totorean

The Frog Population L. S. Mensah

A House By The Sea Thomas Gayton

In Frome Graham Burchell

The Maternity Leave Miles Cain

The Sorrowful Wheel Peter Wyton

Hood (The Outlaw Blues) Stephen Holloway

Speed Bumps Andy Humphrey

Undine Noel Williams

Havin Fon Charles Evans

I Would Like June Drake

The Rooks of Killarney Andy Humphrey

Evolution Ellaraine Lockie

Thank You For the Music Noel King

Skin Shedding Janey Francis

A Bullet Regrets Its Existence Miles Cain

 On Heat Janey Francis

Tom Buchan: Missing Poet Michael Pedersen

Equiano Meets Mama Lot L. S. Mensah

The Convulsionary Peter Wyton

Predator Gabrielle Meadows

The Shrine Kai Beanland

Right of Way L. S. Mensah

Against the Locust - A Spell L. S. Mensah

Last Goodbye Janey Francis

The House Michael Yates

Encounters With Crows Ellaraine Lockie

Vinyl Groove Avril Staple



This publication has now gone to press. All included authors will receive a free copy. We made a few changes, and have now made Champion Poems a magazine of selected poems from the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Competitions. This will be a quarterly magazine now published in November, February, May and August every year for as long as the competitions remain. The final publication date of the Publication is 27th  November.


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