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December 2007  - 5th anniversary issue



Putin-Bush-Ahmadinejad by Tatiana Pahlen









Tatiana Pahlen's socio-political cartoons are add a fun feel to our art pages.  See the other pictures from Pahlen here.



Poets in this issue


Andy Willoughby (Guest), Julie Egdell, Tatiana Pahlen

Pita Okute, Amy Licence, Terence Doyle



Five years ago, on December 1, 2002, the first issue of Sentinel Poetry (Online) was published. Working alone on it, from my then bedroom in Sydenham, I had no idea what to expect, if would grow, or suffer an early death like many little magazines before it. As the vision gained focus and grew, other minds committed to a project like this came on board, notably Amatoritsero Ede (the Editor in Chief) and Patrick Iberi (the Art Editor). What I had not counted on was that it would not get easier the longer we stuck at it...

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Features & Reviews


Femi Nzegwu's 'Reflections on the Christopher Okigbo Conference' and Feedback on Sentinel Poetry #59 are on the Reviews page.


Guest Poet Interview

"I always liked the sound of words. My nana and great uncles used to do a jokey recitation of Tennyson at new years' parties in a Yorkshire accent “break, break break, on thy cold grey stones oh sea”...At school I liked the poets who sounded great but I couldn’t fully understand, like W.H.Auden and Dylan Thomas then at sixth form my teacher Oonagh Walker played us some recordings of the Liverpool poets McGough, Henry and Patten, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mikey Smith and John Cooper Clarke. I realised I could write about the life in front of me, my own attitudes and questions. At the same time I discovered the beats and it was like I had never been fully awake before."


in conversation with Nnorom Azuonye

Steel Tough, Even Now.




Sentinel Poetry (Online) - The Future

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