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Ramesh Dohan


You continue to drink my tea
As if this day is not really happening.

The olives in the fridge look at me
Tempestuously red. I pretend to yawn.

I consider a Max Jacob poem and
You sit on top of me, chewing.

Outside the sky is suspicious
And damp and wants to be smaller.

I pin to your back a paper
Fish, its ink gills flit in the breeze.

Your flesh is out of the question
so, twirling the pencil you left behind
until your bite aligns with mine,

I lick your fingerprints,
swallow hard,
grind yellow paint between my teeth.



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Ramesh Dohan is a poet and short fiction writer from the city of Vancouver, Canada. His works have been featured in the Coffee Journal, Ascent, Word Riot and Southern Ocean Review.


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