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Old Score

by Nnorom Azuonye


Ugo slides the letter back into the envelope it came in. Like the evil sword it is, there in its scabbard, it will not harm anyone. He gnashes his teeth in anger, glances at his wristwatch, and shakes his head from side to side. In just under one hour he shall be in another session at his osteopath’s. It is like confession. Every other week he goes to Mayer’s, surrenders himself to painful, trespassing but awkwardly pleasant stretches of his body and bones. With each session he borrows a few days’ relief from agony. “Serves me right for trying to be Schwarzenegger,” he pretends to tease, but really reprimands himself. He remembers the precise moment at a Seven Sisters gym he heard a click in his back that has condemned him to nearly a decade of hell. A moment of stupidity that has also taken away the courage he needs to return to Nigeria to settle an old score. Read the full story>>



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