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Vol.4. No.1. October - December 2010


Essays & Reviews



Master Cameron, Master Johnson

and Mr Hunt

(A review of Bill Coles' Dave Cameron's Schooldays )

by N Quentin Woolf

"...there’s no doubting Bill Coles’ skill with words. The book is fluid and assured, and the variety of vocabulary is impressive – one has the sense that Coles spends much time in the company of words, and that the relationship is a happy one."

Continue reading>


Writing in English on a Polyglotal Wall:

On Being an Anglophone Cameroonian Writer

By Wirndzerem G. Barfee

To understand the mosaic complex that forms the Cameroon writer’s identity in general, one must first decrypt an essence of his/her historical and cultural canvas. Cameroon is one of those African countries that have the uniqueness of historically (colonial history of course) having undergone, inclusively, the hegemony of three colonizing powers. Continue reading>


The Birth of the Israeli State was my Birthday:

Reliving the Past through a Child's Eye

by Ruth Tenne
It was a cold and windy evening. I was only a child, being unaware of the date and time. Yet, I sensed that it was a special day.  The members of our kibbutz - Usha - assembled on the green lawn in front of the ramshackle dining hall in which the adults had their meals while we children ate in our whitestone house.  Continue reading>



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