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Vol.4. No. 1. October - December 2010

Writing Competitions



Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry

and Short Story Competitions


The Sentinel Literary Quarterly writing competition series takes place every three months in Poetry and Short Story categories. With each competition, we aim to encourage the habit of regular quality writing, and to encourage writers new and established, to pitch their talents and skills against those of their peers for literary glory and of course a little bit of cash, which certainly does not hurt. The cash prizes currently stand at 150, 60, and 40 for First, Second and Third Prizes respectively.


Publishing Opportunity


When the competitions series began in July 2009 with poetry only, we published the winning entries first online in Sentinel Literary Quarterly (SLQ) magazine, and later the were published in print in Champion Poems. With the introduction of short stories in January 2010, the winning works were still published in SLQ online and also in Sentinel Champions (formerly Champion Poems) print magazine. An important change is that from the October 2010 competitions, the winning works, though announced in SLQ online, will now only appear in print in Sentinel Champions. The time gap between announcement of results and publication allows our guest editors to make perfect the winning stories as much as possible for publication.



Sentinel Champions is available to purchase as a paperback or e-book from


Entry Fees


Entry fees remain the same at 1/3.00, 5/12.00 for poems, and 1/5.00, 2/9.00 and 3/12.00 for stories. However subscribers to Sentinel Champions get a substantial 15% of the entry fees.


Subscribe to Sentinel Champions at


Current Competitions (January 2011)

Poetry Competition. Enter by 20th December, 2010

Short Story Competition. Enter by 20th December, 2010

Previous Competitions (October 2010)


Judge's Report (Poetry) by Geoff Stevens

Judge's  Report (Short Stories) by Ivor Hartmann




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Writing Competitions

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