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Vol.4. No. 1. October - December 2010

Writing Competitions



SLQ Poetry Competition (October 2010)

Judge's Report


By Geoff Stevens


Prize Winners


1st. Getting Married with Gertrude Stein
2nd. Thoughts On A Bad Day
3rd. Spock

Highly Commended (In no particular order)

Tastes of Blue
Voice In The Night
The Age of No Dog*
Move On
*Note: I would like to see this poem’s last verse only appear in the magazine.
The poem was commended for this last verse, which I think is stronger standing alone.

Runners Up (In no particular order)

Please Destroy
Teaching English Poetry In Hong Kong
Leaving Day
When Kieron Came

I chose the winner, Getting Married with Gertrude Stein, for its clever admix of literary history and its surreal conjecture of a marriage born within an active imagination. It is well-written and daringly walks that balancing line of poetry and prose without failing.

The second prize goes to Thoughts On A Bad Day which has excellent images and an edge of the world feel about it. Its last line is strong and powerful.

The third poem, Spock, almost lost out to Tastes of Blue, but just edged forward by means of its completely daft idea of a television space-alien becoming a flat-mate and the clever analysis of his character’s behaviour, likes and dislikes etc.

Tastes of Blue has a wonderful opening couplet and some great blue-images, but lost out because some comparisons (eg. lines 19-20) were not so concise as others.

Voice In The Night is simple and to the point and sums up an age old conundrum. The last verse of The Age Of No Dog hits you like the very first BEWARE OF THE DOG sign must have done.

And Move On is a gentle observation of curiosity and change with perhaps underlying deeper thoughts, or maybe an air of resignation.

In general the best of the remaining poems had interesting subject matter, some tending towards prose however, and others lacking strong conclusive lines. SLQ

Geoff Stevens

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