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Vol.3. No. 4. July - September 2010





Afam Akeh
Andy Willoughby
Claire Girvan
Christian Ward
Derek Adams
Esiaba Irobi
Hannah Lowe
Hunter Liguore
Ikechukwu Obialo Azuonye
Karunamay Sinha
Kate Horsley
Laura Solomon
Lookman Sanusi
Malcolm Bray
Mark Lewis
Moa-Aaricia Lindunger
N Quentin Woolf
Nina Romano
Nnorom Azuonye
Norbert O. Eze
Olu Oguibe
Pius Adesanmi
Robert Lee Frazier
Toyin Adepoju
Uche Nduka
Wayne Scheer
Zino Asalor

Edited by

Andy Willoughby

and Bob Beagrie


This issue of SLQ is dedicated to the memory of

ESIABA IROBI (1960 - 2010)



Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition July 2010


Judges report


By Laura Solomon


Dear Nnorom,


I was honoured to be asked to judge the July 2010 Sentinel Literary Quarterly short story competition. Overall the standard of entries was very high with hidden gems. The entrants have obviously put real effort into their stories and there was a lively range of topics covered.  I am sending this preliminary report, just to let you know I am done with the stories and to let you know the winning stories. Expect a detailed report in a couple of days.


First Prize

I particularly enjoyed 'Maria', which was very well written and an excellent portrayal of an elderly Italian woman.


Second Prize

'Wages' appealed to me with its evocation of guilt and damnation. You follow the narrator's painful recall of her actions and loss, and her justification of her 'punishment' as something deserved, but it is in the end a spiritual battle marked with her resentment of God, the punisher.


Third Prize

This goes to a futuristic entry 'It All Comes Back' which was a very original story.


Highly Commended Stories

My choice of three highly commended stories are:  'Misunderstanding,' 'Passions Worth Dying For' and 'Burning Things.'  They showed a lot of promise and could easily have been in the top three with a bit more editing.


The rest of the entries were all very interesting and every one was worth reading.


Editor's note: Unfortunately, Laura Solomon was unable to send the detailed report because a day after sending the above e-mail, she fell off her bike and fractured both her elbows and sprained both her arms. We wish her a speedy recovery. If she is able to give us that full report anytime in the future, we will publish it.








SPQ #2





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