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Wall of Honour


Sharon Black


Green Sun


Was that what made me turn my head

at that precise moment to tell you I wanted you –

our bodies warming under a stark sky                                  

on the patchwork blanket

we’d spread across the blueberry scrub;

an alien heat beating down, cooking up

a daring I wasn’t sure I had?


Then your hands pale and smooth on me;

the strange commotion of our first kiss, your lips

firmer than I thought they’d be,

different from his.


Later we couldn’t find the path –

I panicked I wouldn’t make it home to see the kids –

but a track with painted arrows led us winding

to your truck. In the dashboard vents

the yellow gentians I’d picked had wilted                 

on the burning plastic;

the pink thistles were standing, lop-sided,

heads hanging like lanterns


as if one voice had given up shouting a warning

and the other was showing the way.


‘Green Sun’ by Sharon Black won First Prize in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition 2013


Home • About SAWC • Anthologies • Judges • Poetry Competition • Short Story Competition • Wall of Honour


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