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Commended (in no particular order)

Robin Muers – The threat of sweet peas

Mandy Pannett – A Marrying of Herbs

Steve Scholey – The harmony of swallows

Adrian K.S. Shaw – Holy Trinity

Margaret Eddershaw – Hibiscus

Lesley Burt – Freeze-framed

John Robinson – To My Wife, Our Life

Clive Burson-Thomas – Morning milking

Carolyn King – Quarry

Christine Coleman  - An Arrangement of Bones in the British Museum

Eilidh Thomas – Sweet Wood and Apple Pie

F. Philip Holland – Foxfire


Highly commended (in no particular order)

Norma Powers – Sir Walter Raleigh – On His Portrait

Joe Hackett – Father’s Knife: My Apples

Julie Mellor – Meat

Deborah Harvey – An Approximation

Catherine Edmunds – Later


Third Prize

John Lindley - John ‘Hangman’ Ellis.


Second Prize

Linda Burnett - Stand-off with hare.


First Prize Winner

Oz Hardwick - The Genesis of Falcon.




Special Mentions

Rhuar Dean – Blood Dress

Stephen Atkinson – Top Table Invitation


Commended (in no particular order)

David Crewe – The Mysterious Man

Mel Fawcett – The Family Way

Shiko – Damned on the Kitchen Floor

Anne Oatley – Mr Carrington

Valerie Knight – The Lure


Highly Commended (in no particular order)

Patricia Murray – The Berries

Andy Fawthrop – The Jumper

Belinda Rimmer – The Lady Who Feeds the Squirrels

Helen Holmes – Counting

Deborah Birch – Kindness


Third Prize

Valerie Knight – Vengeance is Mine


Second Prize Winner

Joanna Campbell – Dream Work


First Prize Winner

Alison Bouhmid – The Day a Heart Shifted


The Genesis of Falcon Contents





Marking Time

The poetry collection

by Roger Elkin


Letter Home & Biafran Nights

The poetry collection

by Afam Akeh


All the Invisibles

The poetry collection

by Mandy Pannett


The Candles

a play by

Uche-Chinemere Nwaozuzu


The Bridge Selection

Poems for the Road

by Nnorom Azuonye


Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology (2011)

Editors: Unoma Azuah, Amanda Sington-Williams, Nnorom Azuonye.









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