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poems for a liminal agePoems for a Liminal Age is an anthology published by SPM Publications in support of Médecins Sans Frontières.


Poems for a Liminal Age offers a view of the way a certain group of people at a certain time in their planet’s history see their lives and the world they live in. The poems, taken together, make for fascinating if not comfortable reading. Many present an impression of bleakness in situations of confusion, loneliness, sickness, mediocrity and boredom. There is a sense of waste, of goodness being squandered, of corruption, brutality and loss. Other poems, however, evoke a sense of becoming, a feeling for nostalgia, beauty, trust and friendship, an impression of longing and the possibility of vision.


Editor: Mandy Pannett

Publication Date: 24/8/2015

ISBN: 978-0-9927055-6-5

244 pages



1 - 4 copies: UK £15, Europe £18.95, Rest of the World £19.95.


Want to buy 5 or more copies, please select the desired option and enter the quantity required. There are options to buy 5-10 copies and 11 copies and above.


Poems for a Liminal Age


Prices include P&P. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery in the UK and up to 10 business days for Europe. The rest of the world may be up to 28 days.


£5 from every copy purchased will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.


Poems for a Liminal Age is also available at these locations


Barnes and Noble www.barnesandnoble.com


Amazon USA www.amazon.com


Amazon UK www.amazon.co.uk



The contributors are: Mary E. Moore. Wendy Klein.

Jim Bennett. Rupert Loydell. Matthew Wilson.

Marc Woodward. Eilidh Thomas. Miles Salter.

S.M. Beckett. Afam Akeh. Tania Hershman.

Frances Gapper. Alwyn Marriage. Jay Ramsay.

David Caddy. Paul Matthews. Aprilia Zank. Penny Hope. Martin Elster. Strider Marcus Jones. Michael Cantor.

Judith Cair. James Bell. Patricia Ace. Oonah Joslin.

John Freeman. Richard J.N. Copeland. Peter Branson. Seán Street. Rachael Clyne. Anna Crowe.

Pansy Maurer-Alvarez. Marc Harshman. Catherine Ayres. Robert Schechter. Roselle Angwin.

Vanessa Gebbie. Gill McEvoy. Martha Landman.

Siham Karami. Bill Holdsworth. Kyle Norwood. Neil Howell.

Nnorom Azuonye. Linus Lyszkowska. Lesley Burt. K.V.Skene. Beth Somerford. Ututu Emmanuel. Roger Elkin. Joe Fearn. Patrick B. Osada. Jehanne Mehta.

John McCullough. Helen Moore. Kate Firth.

Rachel J. Fenton. Lin Lundie. Diana Mitchener.

Mario Petrucci. A C Clarke. Jackie Wills. Helen Clare. Anna Lunt. Shirley Wright. Norbert Hirschhorn.

Caroline Davies. Nick Cooke. Jean-Mark Sens.

Thomas R. Smith. Richard Skinner. Margaret Wilmot. Caron Freeborn. Caroline Maldonado. Spencer Edgar. Jacqui Wyatt. Anne Stewart. Charlotte Gann. Celia Dixie. Georgi Y. Johnson. Gordon Simms. Jan Harris. Rose Flint. Linda Black. Anthony Costello. R.T. Calway.

Susan Richardson. Jocelyn Simms.

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mindé. Mark Totterdell.

Clare Whistler. Simon Williams. Alison Hill. Tunde Oseni. Wendy Sloan. Margie Gaffron. Chris O’Carroll.

Andie Lewenstein. Mark Haworth-Booth.

Sarah Beckett & Martha Landman. Caroline Gill.

Kay Green. Susan Taylor. Camilla Lambert.

Maxine Backus. Irena Pasvinter. Alison Lock.

Christina Lloyd. Amarjit Chandan. Lennart Lundh.

William Ayot. Susan Skinner. Jeff Cloves.

Simon Zonenblick. Michaela Ridgway.   

Biographical notes                           




The Editor Mandy Pannett is a poet, novelist and freelance creative writing tutor. Her poetry has appeared in journals in the UK, Europe, Canada and the States and some have been translated into German and Romanian. Her novella The Onion Stone was published in 2011 by Pewter Rose Press. Five poetry collections have been published – Bee Purple and Frost Hollow (Oversteps Books), Allotments in the Orbital (Searle Publishing),  All the Invisibles (SPM Publications) and Jongleur in the Courtyard (Indigo Dreams Publishing). Mandy has also edited Bridgewatcher & Other Poems (SPM Publications)

Mandy's website




(updated 5:48am 28/12/2016)

Funds raised by this project so far for Médecins Sans Frontières UK


From London launch donations we raised £42.50


Donations from Brighton Launch raised £260.00


Donation by Exeter Street Hall £55.00


Donations from Huddersfield Launch £45.00


Donations from Totnes Launch £165.00


From SPM Publications and 3rd party website book sales and launches London, Brighton, Huddersfield, Totnes and St Clementin we have so far raised £870.00


From sales from other online stores including Amazon we have so far raised £285.00


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Poems for a Liminal Age



Past events

29th August, 2015 - Launch date at Waterloo Action Centre

Launch photos Album 1

Launch photos Album 2


24th August, 2015 - Publication date




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