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A.E:  What do you think of the Canadian poetic scene and the work of PEN Canada

with exiled writers?


G.S: The Canadian poetry scene is in a mess. Without real critics who will be in charge. With this hyper-production of poetry there will be no future. From my perspective, eighty percent of poets smuggle themselves into the poetic field just to make a first step towards getting a chance to get some big publisher and produce some novel which smells of big money. I don’t know how it comes to the point that this country of immigrants reaches that point where success is connected with dollars. But there is an excellent generation of young poets who are defining what Canadian poetry is. I see at least 20 of them. And this is the future of Canadian literature. PEN Canada is doing its best to persuade Canadians that the mosaic of Canadian literature can exist only if we seriously consider immigrant writers as a part of this culture. For now, I can see division between "us" and "them". I just hope it’s not going to take long until we realise that such a huge country needs a  bigger heart. Unfortunately, Canada still lives in the past.


A.E:  Thank you very much for taking time off your work-in-progress, Goran.


G.S: You are welcome.


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Sentinel Poetry #33

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