Editor's note:


Apologies for the lateness in bringing you the August issue of Sentinel Poetry (online). It has been due to some technical and logistic problems.


In this very slim issue, we are pleased to present an interview with our guest, Goran Simic, exiled in Canada by the Bosnian war of a few years ago. He talks about his experience of exile and what it has meant to his sensibilities.


We have always strived to present poets from a lot of backgrounds and national literatures. There has been a huge North American, European and African presence, but not much from Canada where this magazine is now edited. We hope to change that soon. We especially want to see more female writers submit their work.


We are looking for daring, contemporary poetry. There is no restriction on theme or style. We want to see more experimental poetry from all backgrounds. Foreign language poems accompanied by translations are welcome too.


Amatoritsero Ede


5th August 2005



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Sentinel Poetry #33

Online Magazine Monthly, August 2005. ISSN 1479-425X. Editor: Amatoritsero Ede