SENTINEL POETRY #26 Online Magazine Monthly, January 2005



Phone Call To A Samaritan


 ...Oh, not again. Please don't offer me a hope.

I had many, believe me. But all slipped through my hands,

then disappeared into thin air, like bubbles of soap...

No, I can't. No... How could I face another sunrise?

Today is my last day and I've hung this skipping rope

over the door frame... Yes, I know what I'm doing. Now,

I'll kick this chair, then... How could you expect me to cope

with all this?.. Yes, I know it's nothing to do with you.

But imagine, for 18 months, rolling down a steep slope

non-stop without nothing to hold on to... Oh, how sweet

of you. But, you know, your words are like a kaleidoscope:

tumbling, glittering, pretty without no purpose... Oh, no.

I told you. I don't want another bloody useless hope!...

...Hello?.. Are you still there?.. Hello?.. Is this line dead?...



Akiko Taylor was born in Tokyo, Japan. She writes from Portadown, UK. She has been previously published in Sentinel Poetry (online) among other publications.


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