SENTINEL POETRY #26 Online Magazine Monthly, January 2005



season of glass


this idea of mortality


the different ways you hurt people

and the ease with which

you can be reduced

to being human


someone's teenage daughter

caught by a surveillance camera


filmed talking to a stranger

and then his hand tight around her arm

and then she's gone


two days missing and then three

and then the snow gives way

to a brilliant blue sky


dirt streaks the windows


the shadows of objects

spilling blue

across silent back yards



but always with the threat

of something darker underneath


pools of water

but always stained by oil


the sound of the highway from

across the river

or a passing train on the

other side of town


violence at a safe distance


this homeless man drunk

and passed out on the tracks


his name

which i never know


each life defined

by how easily it ends



The geography of nowhere:  a continuation


the walls cold to the touch

and rain against the windows

in the soft buzz of 2 a.m.


the shadows of ghosts


the steady weight

of unpaid bills


of middle-aged men on top of

young girls in rooms filled

with harsh white light


mothers asleep and

fathers dead and

cars on the interstate


the thought of escape

the taste it leaves


a different form of



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