SENTINEL POETRY #26 Online Magazine Monthly, January 2005



Into Autumn


Schools go back and summer reappears

(We didn’t really have one, you see).

Soon caretakers clatter crossly around the place

Still in t-shirts with spanners saying

How you can’t please everyone.

And the heating is on one day,

Not the next.

Now the tiniest wing-like leafy emanations

Are collecting everywhere, none bigger than

A dry skin flake.

They are in the soap and on the bath sponge,

Anywhere within a window’s reach.

Larger leaves begin kerb-crawling

A colour pageant scarcely noticed by adults

Until, perhaps, one day,

A tennis ball-coloured cast-off

From a beech tree leaning chummily close to the road,

Catches the eye, luminous,

And causes the involuntarily movement of a hand,

Reaching, returned to childhood.



Heather Flood is from Glasgow. She had a poem published in the 1980 New Poetry, the PEN anthology, edited that year by Ted Hughes. She had poems published in the eighties in a number of Scottish publications, Renfrew Line being one. In recent years she has focused on prose. She teaches English in a Kent school.



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