SENTINEL POETRY #26 Online Magazine Monthly, January 2005




From issue #27 of Sentinel Poetry (Online) February 2005, Amatoritsero Ede takes over from me as Editor of the magazine, for a tenure going on to January 2007, at what point he will decide whether to carry on for another 2 years or hand over to a new editor.


Amatoritsero Ede comes from Nigeria, where he worked as an editor before leaving for Germany. He spent eight years there as a student. He is a graduate of University of Ibadan, Nigeria, as well as the Universities of Hanover and Bayreuth in Germany, and holds a Master of Arts degree in English and Cultural Studies and bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature.


Ede is the author of A Writer’s Pains, Caribbean Blues and the forthcoming Hitler’s Children. His poetry has also appeared in several print and electronic publications in Germany, USA, Nigeria and Britain. The Sentinel Poetry (Online) Guest Poet March 2004, Ede is also the winner of a number of literary prizes, including the 1998 All-Africa Christopher Okigbo Prize for Literature and the First International Black Literary Prize  - the May Ayim Award, organized by Black Germania. Ede currently resides in Alberta.


He is committed to bringing a new vision to Sentinel Poetry and to raise the standards. I am excited to hand over the magazine to  a poet I respect in whose capable hands the dream I first conceived and birthed in December 2002 will grow stronger and take   and keep its place of pride among the more challenging and enduring literary publications in the world.


The next Editor’s Note will be by Ede. It has been a wonderful two years for me and I wish to thank everybody that supported the magazine either by way of advise or submission of materials to lend the same or higher level of support to the new editor.


By the way, before I sign off, I wish to apologise for the late publication of this issue. This has been the first time in over two years we have been late and by 2 days. This is also one of the few issues to have no pictures at all. My computer has been playing games with me for a month. And until I restore full functionality to it, hopefully by next week, I am unable to access certain files, including the initial version of this month’s magazine that included an interview with Ikwunga Wonodi by Dike Okoro. I will now liaise with Ede to see that the interview appears in the February 2005 issue.


Have a Happy and Creative 2005 and God be with you.


Nnorom Azuonye

03 January 2005

Edmonton, UK


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