Sentinel Poetry #34

ONLINE MAGAZINE MONTHLY ...since December 2002

September 2005  ISSN 1479-425X

Editor: Amatoritsero Ede



She sees him always behind her


Looking behind she sees him skimming a stone

across the lake, this time outlined by pansies


clover and the aroma of spring; she conceived

in spring, that irresistible season sprinkled

with petals of passion and hidden regrets.

yet his birth she never regretted and now

always behind her on this day his birthday

her son flexes his six year old muscles


sends the flat stone beyond memory’s reach

over waters where fading frames of nightmares

settle each morning across her waking eyes,

eyes that see him always behind her, so close

some moments his breathing massages her skin

then he is on the edge of vision; one of the missing,


member of the ever moving caravan of the missing

circling the shimmering mirage of hope.


What can replace years of hope but reincarnation

of time blowing out six birthday candles,


six year old fingers in the room of the lost

turning the key to open the door of the found.



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